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The Proof of Value, The Proof of Concept, Development and Deployment

our methodology at a glance

Experience has shaped how best to transfer your aspirations and requirements into commercially relevant solutions powered by AI. Our methodology has grown out of numerous projects across countless sectors and is driven by an efficient and cost-effective 3-stage process from AI Proof of Value (the Whitepaper) to Proof of Concept (early-stage prototype) and finally to Consultancy & Development


The AI Proof of Value

Our AI Proof of Value (AI-POV) or 'Whitepaper' sets out to better understand your organisation, the opportunity or issue being addressed and defines the most suitable technical options to progress.

A discovery process examines aspects such as your organisational objectives, markets, competitive analysis, a cost vs benefit analysis, review of current AI in your sector and the consequent opportunities from the gaps found. As a first step our AI-POV represents a structured yet flexible approach to identifying how best to leverage the value of AI into your organisation and in turn what a solution could look like.

Please contact us for further information on our AI-POV.

The Proof of Concept

The second stage of our methodology is the Proof of Concept (POC). Following the successful AI-POV stage we take the purely conceptual and start to create the actual, albeit at this stage as a demo. Typically, the process is to create a demo version of the solution, with an early-stage user interface displaying the key features and functionality.

Based on the sign-off of the demo, we then produce a technical blueprint, detailing complete definitions of all algorithms and processes required. 

The final stage of the POC is to build an early-stage, minimal viable product (MVP). This MVP being an effective way of conveying the key values of the overall solution but distilled into its core components. This allows you as the client to trial within your organisation and to better identify any necessary changes to features or even strategic direction at an early stage, before committing to a full development of the solution.

Please contact us for further information on our Proof of Concept service.

Development & Deployment

The third stage of our methodology is Development & Deployment. Following the successful POC stage we take the early MVP and build-out the full version, ready for testing, a closed beta, open beta and v1.0 release. The features, functionality, required data inputs, creation of relevant API’s and a host of other elements now come together to enable a complete solution to be delivered.

Following the release of v1.0, the solution continues to be tested and adapted for full scale adoption and operability.

Please contact us for further information on our Development & Deployment service.

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