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The World has changed - AI Proof of Value Service. Discover more

the world has changed

We can help you to define an AI strategy that will add value to your business

The use of AI has become the biggest commercial opportunity for companies everywhere.

Do you know what this means for your organisation?

Do you know where to start?

Leading organizations expect to double the number of Artificial Intelligence (AI) projects in place with the next year.

Over 40%
of them plan to deploy AI solutions by the end of 2020.*

* Source: Gartner 2020 CIO Agenda Survey (registration).

At Fountech.Solutions, we live and breathe AI.

We are continually looking to help organizations start their AI journeys and we know that small-steps are preferable to giant leaps when it comes to adopting an AI-centric strategy. As such, we have developed a preliminary service designed for you. This is our AI Proof of Value (POV) offering.

Our POV will enable your organization to quickly and cost-effectively understand how it could benefit from customised AI solutions. The POV examines the feasibility and potential profitability of using AI to identify opportunities and address challenges. We propose an AI strategy and recommend specific solutions. It is an in-depth study of your organization, identifying what a program or single solution would look like. The process clarifies required investment levels, together with a transparent cost-benefit analysis.

Globally, around 30% of organisations are conducting AI pilots.
47% have embedded at least one AI capability in their standard business processes and 71% expect that AI investments will increase significantly in coming years*.

In short - AI represents the biggest commercial opportunity for companies and entire international economies*

We live and breathe AI and our mission is to pass this passion to our clients and encourage them to start on their own AI journey. And like all journeys, it can have its pitfalls, which is why we have created an entry-level service called the ‘AI Proof of Value’ (AI-POV).

*Source - McKinsey & PwC

Our AI-POV is a detailed analysis of your current AI posture, the opportunities and challenges your organisation can expect with any AI adoption and our recommendations for any solution you may have identified. It is also typically used by our clients to act as validation for any investment raise or as a sales tool for senior management buy-in.

Our AI-POV is part academic analysis, part technical assessment and part commercial investigation. It us an in-depth study of your organisation, the problem you are looking to solve or the opportunity you wish to exploit using AI, together with our recommendations for a solution.

Please contact us to speak to a consultant about our AI-POV.


Understanding your needs and identifying opportunities to exploit. Identifying that “what if we only knew…” question.

Evaluating your data in terms of how it can offer new opportunities and how it can be further monetised.


Identify Your Knowledge Gaps and Preconceptions 

Assess the Costs and Identify the Fiscal Benefits

Examine Your Competitors’ Actions

We Assess the Latest Industry Tech and Suggest how we can Enhance it Just for You

Our Key Recommendations and Suggested Next Steps


Understanding your needs and identifying opportunity to exploit


Evaluate your data


Knowledge Gaps   |   Costs v Benefits   |   Your Competitors


Latest Industry Tech and how we can enhance it just for you


Our key recommendations and suggested next steps

We Consult. We Imagine. We Disrupt.


Knowing, before committing to any development, that your requirements and intended goals are clear

Having specific targets to achieve from adopting AI, not least to show potential investors and collaborators

Finding real tangible assets from your CRM and other systems, which might otherwise remain undiscovered. Data as yet untouched by AI is the new crude oil; a lucrative well of ones and zeros just waiting to be tapped.

You will know what you NEED to discover, how much it will COST and how this will put you AHEAD of your competitors

You can be certain that your AI business planning will be based on what you will know, not just what you think or speculate

A clear road map ahead will allow you to raise investment or forge partnerships by offering detailed goals and recommendations